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Dreaming, communicating

Its been about a year already since I learned about lucid dreaming. In short, lucid dreaming is the ability to control your dreams. One night I had a dream where I was flying around in a pumpkin over some fields, ended up in a second story hallway with a mirror and in my attempt to turn the lights on, I was pulled away from my dream by a "force". At that time the force felt odd, dark, powerful. It really felt like it was going to drag me to hell, but instead I just woke up with a speedy heartbeat, and yelling. That's probably the closest I've been to having a nightmare. I latter learned that mirrors and trying to affect the lighting of my dream was the reason why I became conscious of my dream. The force though, I could not explain, and it would not be the only time that i came across it. I researched lightly about lucid dreaming, and peoples spiritual beliefs on it as well as scientific explanations. After some light research I didn't pay much attention to it until I had the second encounter. This time I was laying down in my couch that is in my room, when i began to dream I was in the very same couch and my sister was there on my computer. She was actually supposed to be visiting me that weekend and I asked her where the reset of the fam was. When I was not satisfied with the answer, I quickly became conscious that I was in my room dreaming. Not even a second later, that same force that I had experienced before, comes from above and grabs me by the chest, picks me up without a problem, slams me back into the couch where I was sleeping and I woke up, paralyzed and not able to breathe for a couple seconds. A few days later, a friend of mine sleeping in my room had a similar experience. He fell asleep in my other couch, in his dream realized that he was dreaming and attempted to wake me up because I was sleeping just a few feet away. In his attempt to wake me up, He also saw the force come from above, slam him on the couch, and he woke up. We didn't really know what we where messing with here, especially if you look at the supernatural side of it. So I didnt look into it much afterward until recently and here is why...

Its late!

Its about to be four in the morning. Here is a vid about freedom, and the future of software....

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